“Police searching for a motive in Las Vegas shooting”

I believe it’s a waste of time and resources to look for a motive in the Las Vegas shootings.

Why does the killer do something like this? Because he can.

Why did those people die, is a more salient question. You died because you lived in America in the 21st century. You died because of the NRA and the cowardice of lawmakers who allow us to stockpile WMDs. You died for nothing. You were wasted. You died to protect the pride and bank account of Wayne Lapierre. 

You died for nothing just like every American who will die in Donald Trump’s nuclear holocaust. 


August 21st, 2017

A wave traveled across the country today.

I was at an eclipse festival in Sylva NC waiting for totality when I realized I had left my binoculars in the car parked a mile away, so I wasn’t in the main crowd of people. There was a shopping center parking lot with maybe 50-100 people sitting in cars or on the grass watching, so there we were. There was several hundred people at the Bridge Park and a very nice pavilion and when totality arrived, I pulled out my earbuds with my carefully chosen soundtrack for eclipse watching because a tremendous roar from the crowd erupted.

The moon was eclipsing the sun.

This roar will stay in my memory, just as will seeing the eclipse with my own eyes.

This wave of cheering that traveled across the country from Oregon to South Carolina, this is what I will never forget. The unity of the thrill of everything that came together to let millions of people see this celestial wonder.


Dear Trump Supporter 

    Dear Trump supporter

     We now live in a time of national crisis, when the President freely violates state laws, federal laws and the Constitution he swore an oath to honor and uphold. 

     I blame you. 

     You’re playing no small part in this destructive nightmare that has been brought to America by Trump, Putin and the Republican Party. I take what is being done to this country by him and you all very personally. I have no more respect for you than Trump does for Secretary Clinton and President Obama. This country is so humiliated by Trump on a daily basis, it makes me almost physically ill. I am personally ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated by everything he does and says. I will never be able to look at you, talk to you or think of you again without feeling this way. So I am going to put you out of my mind and forget you. 

     Signed with the sincerest regret and sorrow 


The Wonder now of wondering

How or whether or if

How close or what is possible 

Does time and chance this gift

Empower in designs create 

Do questions centered meet

What borders lie between us now 

In mysteries replete? 

Acceptance of Legitimacy 

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about the supposed legitimacy of Donald Trump taking the Office of the President of the United States of America. 

I will personally regard him as legitimate when he takes the following steps:

He must release his taxes for the last ten years. 

He must appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the role of the Russian Government in the presidential  election of 2016; someone of the stature of Mitt Romney, Sam Nunn or George Mitchell. 

He, his children and Jared Kushner must completely divest and liquidate their corporate assets into a blind trust or stock index trust. 

He must appoint Merritt Garland to the Supreme Court. 

Until such time, I refuse to accept as legitimate the Usurper Donald Trump. 

Fifth Avenue 

Donald Trump famously said he could “shoot a man on Fifth Avenue” and not lose any supporters. 

He’s doing something even worse than cold-blooded murder. He’s murdering our democracy. 

Trump’s claims that our democratic process is rigged are extremely toxic and damaging to the very idea, the ideals of democracy. 

Donald Trump is the most dangerous human being alive today. He’s a criminal asking to be given the White House so he can be a fascist dictator. He must be stopped by the very people he wants to lord over. 

God save the United States of America.